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With the love for guns comes the need for high-quality optics. At North Country Co-Op, we offer a wide range of scopes and binoculars in Plamondon, along with several other necessary items like gun cases, magnifiers, scope cases, and more. When you choose us as your go-to gun store, you get quality optics and other accessories under the same roof. Our optics are sourced from popular manufacturers like Vortex.


We have had superior success with Vortex, and their VIP Warranty is second to no one. In our experience, these are one of the top, bang for your buck optical investments. For all you diehards that love your favourite brands, we can supply a lot of those as well.




Scopes are an important part of your shooting gear. We offer a range of scopes to meet your specific requirements. These include:

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Apart from the above scopes, we carry several other options to meet your requirements. Ask us for help, we will get back to you promptly



Want to choose from a fine selection of quality binoculars? View our range below:

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Other Products


Apart from scopes and binoculars, we also stock other items that can come in handy for you. Have a look!


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