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Ammunition Store


Firearms and ammunition are best sourced from a reputable and trusted name as low-quality ammo can do more harm than good. North Country Co-Op is a reliable ammunition store in Plamondon offering top-notch rimfire, centerfire, and shotgun ammo. As responsive service providers, we pay keen attention to the variety that our suppliers can offer to meet the varied needs of our clients. 

  • Ammo used for fun, plinking, or targets, and that isn’t too expensive

  • Tried and tested ammo that can be used for targets and games alike

  • Premium, high-performance options for MOA enthusiasts




Centerfires are often effective for shooting long-distance targets with greater accuracy. We carry the following ammo for centerfires:



If you are looking for industry-grade rimfire ammo, visit our store. We bring you quality ammo like Winchester Varmint HE, which hits hard and shoots flat with minimum wind drift.




We offer a variety of shotgun ammo to meet our clients’ requirements. View our products, and visit our store to shop from us.


Looking for Shooting Accessories?

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